Friday, October 16, 2009

Internet….and how it is important to us….

Internet….and how it is important to us….

What is internet? Well, internet is computer networks that spans around the globe and also consist of millions of computers that are physically connected. Basically, internet is “network to network”. In this modern era, I cannot imagine living the world without Internet, this is because , it can be said everything around us revolve about internet. Our tasks are done smoothly and easier compare to the previous era when our whole task are being done manually like just using fax, hand by hand post and may others..

Nowadays, internet are a common tools for the people throughout all ages. From children to adults, all of them know how to use the internet..As a student, I know that the internet is important to me because, in my opinion, internet is the best research tool for student compare to the public libraries. All the information we needed is just one click away from us and during my 5 semester here, internet was one of my key point to survive and complete my assignment..

However, internet could be harmful if it is unsupervised, this is because there are some website that are explicit and contain materials that are maybe not suitable for all ages especially for the children. Therefore, the parents must play their pivotal role in supervising their children while surfing the internet..