Friday, October 16, 2009

My newest gadget..


Haloo there…In this journal entry, I will share with you about my latest gadget that I recently bought…Jeng3.. I’m proudly to present to you my MP4 player. It is been a while since I spent my money on buying stuff like this but I can help myself when my eye catches the glimpse of the MP4 player…It feels like falling in love at the first sight..

It all happen 2 weeks ago, my and friends went out to the town and headed straight to East Coast Mall…Then, we went into Carrefour to buy some stuff, however, when I pass the electronic counter, I can helped but noticed a TNE brand Mp4 player..its capacity is 4GB and only at RM, what a bargain I said, I made up my mind in just a second a buy it right away..

The Mp4 are very useful and I can put a lot of things in it. Well as we all know, the basic use of Mp4 is to listen to music and watch videos. It contain music player and video clip player..However, because of it capacity, can you imagine how many songs that I can put there and right now, I’ve put about 214 song but it still didn’t reaches 1GB and I can even put movies in there.. Besides that, it also contain gallery, voice recorder, e-books, converter, games, telephones books and FM radio. This is why my Mp4 is valuable asset to me..