Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Day on Ramadhan

A Day on Ramadhan…..

Salam…halopzz..we meet again in my latest blog entry…This time me and my frenz embark on a new journey..hehehehe…

It happen on the last day of ramadhan, me and my frenz decided to break fast together. So we called up everybody and called this “Old Frees Reunion”. We each collect 10 ringgit per person and made a reservation at a Ikan Bakar stall. We all met up at the place at 5.00 o’clock…It’s been a while since we’ve met,so we had a lot to catchup…We enjoy the moment aas the time went on, then it is the time to break fast…We enjoyed our meal and thank God,the food was delicious…After that we planned to continue hanging out at Prangin Mall but on the way there, suddenly there were heavy rainfall…We shed for a while in the Shell gas station nearby hoping the rain will stop….

However,the rain keep on coming and suddenly the lightning struck the place and the place suddenly have no electricity and become dark…The customer all complaint that they cannot pump oil into their vehicle…The manager explain that they cannot fixed the problem because there is no electricity…and the heavy rain didn’t stop for almost 3 hours….by the time it stop, the mall is already closed…we were all disappointed but decided to go home because we were afraid that the heavy rain will fall gain and this we might me stuck here until morning,that is on the morning of Hari Raya Aidilfitri…