Friday, October 16, 2009

Blogging for Dumb "Mie"

Blogging for Dumb ‘Mie’

Halo everybody…..It’s been awhile since I’ve been blogging, and the last time I post my entries are last semester…To tell ya the truth, I’m not a big fan of blogging because I consider myself a keeper and didn’t like it to express my problem with others. However, since it is compulsory for me this sem, I will try my hardest to share with you all the event and my opinion about things that revolve around me and the world. Blogs are a tool for people to express their thought and opinion about stuff and events that are happening around them. However, as the day goes by, blogs can also be used as internet catalogues and many others.

Actually, for the first time, I thought this task was simple however when I saw the marking scheme, it is not as easy as it looks. We have to upgrade our blogs by putting music, pictures and videos, which are the criteria that my blog didn’t have. Luckily my friends lend their helping hand in improving and updating my blog according to the criteria that has been set. After doing this..all I had to do is just post my entries according to the topic related to what my E-Learning lecturer, Miss Fara Ai’ni wants..

However, after completing my task and been blogging for a while, I find that blogging make me relieve as it helps me express my opinion and share my point of view with others. Sometimes, blogging take a load of pressure from me because when I express my opinion and share it with the others, I feel relieve and good about myself.

That all for now…see you in my next journal entries…