Friday, October 16, 2009


Virus!!! Virus!!! Virus!!!

Technology is a great thing for us and has bring many development in our life… HOWEVER, there is one technology that I hate…that is virus.. Virus makes computer’s users life miserable… In this entry, I will explain a little bit more detail about what I learn in E-Learning class about viruses.

What is computer virus? Computer viruses are software programs deliberately designed to interfere with computer operation, record, corrupt, or delete data, or spread themselves to other computers and throughout the Internet, often slowing things down and causing other problems in the process. Some of these viruses are harmful and can make frustrate wif them…

There are some sign of knowing if your computer is infected by virus…

Your computer runs slower than normal

Your computer stops responding or locks up often

Your computer crashes and restarts every few minutes

Your computer restarts on its own and then fails to run normally

Applications on your computer do not work correctly

Disks or disk drives are inaccessible

You cannot print correctly

You see unusual error messages

You see distorted menus and dialog boxes

Removing the viruses are not an easy task, this is because even an expert computer programmer find the virus are a hard thing to cope with…this is because some viruses are even designed to reinstall themselves after they have been removed. However, for the beginners, there are two ways to remove viruses, firstly, use anti-virus and install the latest updates. Secondly, if there is no other way to combat the viruses, just format your laptop….