Friday, October 16, 2009

Internet Acronym

Internet Acronym

Halooo there, in this entry, I would to sharewif you about an interesting topics that we recently do in our lab during the E-Learning class, the topic is Internet acronym or called as internet slang..First, I would to brief you a little bit about them. Internet acronym is a shortened words or keyboard symbols that is use during chat or sms with frenz…It is widely use by the generation knowadays…Erm, I can denied the fact that I’ve been using it too..(too lazy to type long words lorr…hehehehehe)

On the lab the other day, Miss Fara will give a topic on her facebook, then each group has to continue the topic using just internet acronym..Well, each group first found it difficult but after brainstorming with the team members, we managed to answer the topic and it was a fun activity for us.

Here are some examples of Internet Acronym:

· DUCWIM – Do You See What I Mean

· BTFM – Beat The Funk Out Of Me