Friday, October 16, 2009



Salam….we meet again, in my next journal entry, I want express my opinion about the subject e-learning

As we all know, E-learning is a compulsory subject that Decom Semester 5 had to take. In my view, it is a little bit struggles for us as we basically just learn grammar, speaking or writing essays but now we have to learn a little bit detail about the computers and the technologies. At first, I’ll think that I will struggle and find this subject difficult but after going through classes, I find that this subject is interesting and our lecturer’s method of teaching the subject make it more fun…..

Now let me explain to you a little bit about e-learning, e-learning is the use of processes and technologies to create, distribute, manage, and enable learning via an electronic network. Earlier before, learning is a teacher-oriented mode and the student depends on the teacher to get the information follow the teacher’s schedule, place and pace of learning.

However, now, Now, the learning process is student-orientation or student-centered. Students become dependant on what they want to learn.Teacher role, are no longer teaching, instead now they monitor the students’ progress and make certain that the students are on the right track.The student-centered learning leads to more flexible delivery, allow the students to shift the time, place and pace of learning.

The topic that I found the most interesting is cyber language and the internet and linguistic pluralism…hurm maybe because this is the last chapter, hehehehe…well not actually, this chapter tells us about the important of English and it is used worldwide.